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How to Sell an Off-Market Property Listing in Chicago

Selling your house in Chicago doesn’t have to be limited to the traditional property listing approach. With a shift in population away from larger cities and a desire for more permanent housing with recreational amenities, the current seller’s market is driven by a preference for a home-based lifestyle. In this context, off-market or pocket listings offer an alternative option. These listings are not made available to the general public, creating an exclusive opportunity for buyers and potentially leading to higher sales prices.

When you sell off-market, you have control over who knows about your home being for sale and when they get to see it. Due to its private nature, there are significantly fewer showings, and the buyers who are aware of the off-market listing are likely to be genuinely interested in the property. Selling off-market also creates a sense of urgency, prompting potential buyers to act quickly or risk missing out on the opportunity.

We will share the inside scoop on how you can sell an off-market property listing in Chicago.


Real estate agents love off-market listings because they can market the property exclusively to select clients and collect whatever commission you have negotiated in the contract. Additionally, because other agents in the Chicago market are unaware of the listing, they don’t have to split the commission with anyone else. They will earn the other side of the commission because they are bringing the buyer. You can avoid commissions altogether when you sell an off-market property listing in Chicago to a professional buyer like those at One Piece Home Buyers. 

Prepping or Repairs

Most buyers seek to move into their new home as soon as possible. If your home is older or maintenance and repairs are lacking, you as the seller must worry about passing the inspection and making repairs out of pocket before closing or taking a deep discount off of the asking price. Preparing the home for the showings ahead and making updates is costly. When you sell an off-market property listing in Chicago through a direct sale with a company like One Piece Home Buyers, we buy homes as-is, so there is no more need to worry about repairs or even cleaning up. One Piece Home Buyers takes on all the risk.

Agent Fees

Many agents also charge a fee for transaction processing and other expenses that agents may hide. When you sell your off-market property listing in Chicago to a professional buyer like those at One Piece Home Buyers, they charge no agent fees. There will be no hidden fees to pay at closing; the offer will clearly outline how much cash you’ll receive at the closing.


When properties are listed traditionally through the MLS, potential buyers can track the number of days the property is on the market. A great many days passing indicates to buyers that something is wrong with the property that the listing doesn’t disclose, typically resulting in bargain-basement offers, if any. The number of days an off-market property has been for sale is unknown to the buyer, which is one of the motivating factors behind off-market listings. Instead, sell fast to a direct sales company like One Piece Home Buyers, closing on your private listing can be in a matter of days or whenever best suits your needs.

One Piece Home Buyers makes it simple and straightforward to sell an off-market property listing in Chicago. We make the process easy! When you get an offer from One Piece Home Buyers, we will handle everything, and we can guarantee your home will close fast, often in just a few days. Whether your home is older and needs repairs or you want to limit the number of strangers who come through your home, why not reach out to One Piece Home Buyers and learn more about your options with no obligation. Send us a message or call One Piece Home Buyers at (773) 839-5575.

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